mailbox alert

Скриншот дополнения #1Thunderbird-Erweiterung, die eine individuelle Konfiguration der Benachrichtigungsmöglichkeiten über neue E-Mails erlaubt; ermöglicht beispielsweise das Festlegen eines bestimmten Sounds sowie das Bearbeiten des Textfensters, das bei Eingang neuer E-Mails angezeigt wird; startet auf Wunsch auch ein externes Programm, sobald eine E-Mail eintrifft; die Einstellungen lassen sich für jeden Postfach-Ordner gesondert vornehmen mailbox alert.Mailbox Alert allows you to specify, for each separate mail folder, a message, sound and/or a system command that will be executed when new mail is found there. This way, you specify different actions for less important folders, or no action at all.Due to the individual folder (or filter) settings, the plugin is configurable with a right-click on an account or folder, not in the main preferences window. Please read for more information and examples. Additionally, while I haven’t spent much time on it lately, please send bug reports to me directly mailbox alarm. A negative review is fine, but I cannot engage to get bugs fixed through reviews.We’d reiterate that last bit too—might want to let your mail carrier know there’s a sensor in the mailbox so they don’t freak out and you find a bomb squad about to detonate your mailbox.Beyond that though, even if you’re not obsessive about finding out when your mail arrives, a tool like this could be a good way to find out if someone’s snooping in your mailbox that’s not the mailman, and combined with a small camera, you may even be able to catch mail thieves in the act The possibilities only go up from here. Hit the link below to see how the whole project was мейд, and what you’ll need to make one yourself.